Professional Mobile App Developer with Flutter

Professional Backend developer using Laravel Backend and Laravel API

I can do

-Android Studio
-Database design (SQL & NoSQL)
-Logo design
-Game development

I possess an extensive knowledge of the Laravel framework, which includes a wide range of skills and expertise that enable me to excel in web development and application deployment. Here’s a detailed description of my Laravel knowledge:

  1. Advanced PHP Proficiency
  2. Database Mastery
  3. SQL Query Writing
  4. Laravel API Development
  5. Backend Development with Security
  6. Integration with Firebase
  7. Frontend Development
  8. Server Deployment and Configuration
  9. Big Data Management and Analysis

My knowledge of the Flutter framework is comprehensive and covers a wide range of aspects that enable me to excel in mobile app development. Here’s a detailed description of my expertise in Flutter:

  1. Application UI/UX Design
  2. Proficiency in Dart
  3. API Integration and Firebase Services
  4. App Publishing
  5. Deployment Management
  6. Advanced App Development
  7. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  8. Offline and Online App Functionality
  9. Custom App Features